Friday, September 19, 2008

Cowgirl Wisdom

Cowgirl Wisdom-
sounds a bit like Slot Machine Wisdom:

"I could've raised a family, but I decided to raise hell" -Pearl

"We took to makin' trouble much like most women take to makin' biscuits" -Cattle Annie & Lil' Britches

"I ain't afraid to shoot good an' I ain't afraid to look good neither" -Lulu Parr

"In the East a girls' gotta have charm. In the West all she needs is a rifle, charm can come later."

"Sometimes I hold a gun, sometimes I hold a man. Either way, I'm livin' dangerous-like" -Jennie Metcalf

"I didn't mean to shoot 'im. He just sorta leaned into my bullet" -Josie

"I always wanted to be Mrs. Wild Bill. Reckon I'll settle for just bein' Wild" -Calamity Jane

"Watchin' for rustlers don't leave me much time for watchin' for a husband. More fun watchin' for rustlers" -Sadie Austin

"I ain't afraid to love a man, I ain't afraid to shoot one" -Martha Maxwell

"Someday I'll probably marry a cowboy, but first I wanna be one" -Calamity Jane

"A woman with a husband can't just go and do as she please. A woman with a rifle ain't got that problem" -Calamity Jane

"When I shoot a bear I am a hunter. When I stuff a bear I am an artist." -Martha Maxwell

"When I need some money I rob a stagecoach, Heck the boys do it all the time!" -Pearl

"Made friends with a rifle a long time ago." -Martha Maxwell

"I wear a skirt, I carry a gun, I do as I please. I've got a good life"-Martha Maxwell

"I can hit what I aim for. Some men I know would do well to remember that." -Annie Oakley

"I reckon a girl can be anything she sets her mind to"-Annie Oakley

"I figur if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one"- Calamity Jane

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