Friday, September 19, 2008

Cowgirl Wisdom

Cowgirl Wisdom-
sounds a bit like Slot Machine Wisdom:

"I could've raised a family, but I decided to raise hell" -Pearl

"We took to makin' trouble much like most women take to makin' biscuits" -Cattle Annie & Lil' Britches

"I ain't afraid to shoot good an' I ain't afraid to look good neither" -Lulu Parr

"In the East a girls' gotta have charm. In the West all she needs is a rifle, charm can come later."

"Sometimes I hold a gun, sometimes I hold a man. Either way, I'm livin' dangerous-like" -Jennie Metcalf

"I didn't mean to shoot 'im. He just sorta leaned into my bullet" -Josie

"I always wanted to be Mrs. Wild Bill. Reckon I'll settle for just bein' Wild" -Calamity Jane

"Watchin' for rustlers don't leave me much time for watchin' for a husband. More fun watchin' for rustlers" -Sadie Austin

"I ain't afraid to love a man, I ain't afraid to shoot one" -Martha Maxwell

"Someday I'll probably marry a cowboy, but first I wanna be one" -Calamity Jane

"A woman with a husband can't just go and do as she please. A woman with a rifle ain't got that problem" -Calamity Jane

"When I shoot a bear I am a hunter. When I stuff a bear I am an artist." -Martha Maxwell

"When I need some money I rob a stagecoach, Heck the boys do it all the time!" -Pearl

"Made friends with a rifle a long time ago." -Martha Maxwell

"I wear a skirt, I carry a gun, I do as I please. I've got a good life"-Martha Maxwell

"I can hit what I aim for. Some men I know would do well to remember that." -Annie Oakley

"I reckon a girl can be anything she sets her mind to"-Annie Oakley

"I figur if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one"- Calamity Jane

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Matney Mayor said...

The Slot Machines ROCK!
Purtiest bunch of cowgirls to ever grace the fire pit at Matney! (Besides my wife Sharn Jeen)
Darn good singers too especially with a little moonshine & some shovel handles for mic's.
Ya'll come back soon we miss ya!
Ain't seen a cowgirl hat since you were there last!

Matney Mayor said...

The Slot Machines ROCK!
Purtiest bunch of cowgirls to ever grace the fire pit at Matney. (Besides my wife Sharn Jeen). They ain't bad singers either especially with shovel handles for mic's.
Shore miss ya'll. Come git Matnetized again sometime!!